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Revamping your restaurant? Whether you’re opening a new space or updating your current venue, getting the sound right in your restaurant is so important.

At EES Showhire, we’ve got years of experience supplying, designing and installing professional quality sound and lighting, and can kit out your restaurant for the best customer experience. We work with businesses of all kinds – from small independent eateries to larger restaurants to create the perfect atmosphere. As a specialist BOSE PA speaker install supplier we can provide great sounding, high quality speakers and other equipment directly to you.

There are lots of things to think about when planning, designing, installing and maintaining your restaurant sound system. You need to consider the equipment, where it will be installed, how often you’ll use it, the different functions it will be used for, and more.

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Restaurant Sound System Install Retford
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What is a restaurant sound system?


The sound system at your restaurant might be made up of speakers, amplifiers, microphones, monitors and more. It controls and broadcasts everything from background music to PA announcements. Lots of restaurants use their sound systems for quiz nights, live entertainment, themed nights and hired events.

Get ahead of your competitors and other local restaurants by offering a crystal clear, great sounding background music system that offers you functionality and versatility. Make switching themes, changing service or playing a special request simple.

Why do you need a restaurant sound system?


Creating a welcoming atmosphere is, of course, a vital part of building a successful restaurant. From having comforting sounds in your lobby or waiting area to offering diners a soothing backing track as they eat, music and sound can play a huge part in setting your establishment apart from your rivals.

Having a background music system makes your restaurant a comfortable, welcoming place to be. Customers can have private conversations without being overheard, and your staff can get on with their work without worrying about breaking the silence.

Setting a daytime scene at Spencers On The Square in Retford using intelligent lighting systems controlled from a touchscreen behind the bar.

It’s more than likely that your restaurant has a different atmosphere at different times of the week – and even different times of the day. For example, you might want cheerful, upbeat music during the lunch service, and more relaxed tunes for evening diners. At evenings and weekends, some restaurants also offer live entertainment, which might take the form of a dancefloor, DJ or live band.

Your restaurant sound system should be versatile and multipurpose, allowing you to switch between different sources and moods according to what’s on at your restaurant. Attract more customers to your restaurant by offering the option to put on theme nights or events, and let guests hire out your dining area for private parties.

Being able to change, control and alter the sound output in different parts of the restaurant can really enhance the atmosphere of your venue, and offer more reasons for customers to stay longer. For example, if you can provide a gentle background soundtrack of soothing tones in the dining room, louder music in the children’s play area and chatty radio in the cloakroom or bathroom area, you can create a welcoming and relaxing ambience.

Use ceiling speakers to offer more diffused and unobtrusive sound in quiet areas, or install them over the bar to make sure music reaches every corner. Perhaps you’ll choose to install wall speakers around larger rooms, or set up a speaker and amplifier combo near a performance area.

Our team can create the perfect plan – combining synchronised zones, multiple sound areas and integrated intelligent lighting design. We can create a design blueprint from your restaurant’s floorplan, or are happy to conduct an in-person assessment so we can discuss your requirements in depth.

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A white bose subwoofer speaker installed in a restaurant
A white bose ceiling speaker installed into a restuarant

Key elements of your restaurant sound system


Choosing the right equipment for your sound system is very important – investing in high quality, reliable and durable tech gear means you’ll get a reliable system that can handle whatever you throw at it, so you can get on with planning your menu and setting the tables.
As BOSE Pro Partners and AV equipment specialists with more than three decades of experience, we can provide expert insight and industry insider advice on the right combination of equipment you need.


Speakers are the key part of your sound system, and can make or break it. You want great sounding music or sound wherever and whenever – and that means a system design that takes into account what kind of speakers you have and where they are installed.

The correct placement of speakers is of paramount importance when designing your sound system. Put your speakers too high and you risk your music being drowned out by chatter and kitchen noise. Install your speakers too close to seating areas and your customers could find their conversations drowned out by uncomfortably loud music. You might want to consider ceiling speakers for the best sound quality, or install speakers closer to the ground to get the best volume.

It’s also important to consider the type of speaker for your specific space. In busy or crowded dining areas lots of restaurants choose to install wall speakers – the wall mount means there’s less floor space taken up, and a higher vantage point means sound can be dispersed more evenly into the room. Restaurants with multiple dining areas or different spaces might look to use a mix of speakers for a zonal sound system that plays different music simultaneously in different rooms

Speaker installed on the wall in a restaurant

Power Amplifiers

To boost the sound in your restaurant, consider adding at least one amplifier. There are a variety of different types of amplifier to choose from depending on the size of your restaurant and the type of entertainment you’ll be using it for.

Single control amplifiers

More basic amplifiers have a single control for volume which allows you to alter levels across your dining room, for example. If you have a single main space and just want to play one playlist or radio station, this kind of amplifier will work perfectly.

Zoned amplifiers

There are also zoned output amplifiers, which have multiple sound controls for zoned playback. For example, you could use one amplifier to control the volume of the radio in the toilet area and adjust the music in the dining room.

Installation amplifiers

To allow for different media sources, ask our team about installation amplifiers. This means you could hook your amplifier up to a phone, radio, CD player or computer for different occasions. We can set up your amplifier to connect to one room’s speakers, or build a zoned restaurant sound system for ultimate flexibility – we work with you to create your perfect design.

PA system

Do you have a restaurant with live entertainment? If so, you might need to look beyond the restaurant sound system and install something designed for performance. We specialise in PA system installation, and can design the perfect set up for your space.

A PA system will allow you to control sound levels more efficiently, and help your performers get the quality they need. Depending on the kind of entertainment you’ll be having, you can tailor your PA system accordingly. So if it’s just for open mic or comedy night you might choose to have the basic set up with microphones, speakers and an amplifier. If you’re going to be having dedicated dance nights or parties, you might wish to add additional bass or sound equipment like a separate subwoofer.

Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation


While it might not be technically part of the sound system, intelligent lighting design is a crucial part of designing your restaurant and goes hand in hand with any music or entertainment you have.

Modern restaurant lighting often includes LED light sources, which generally offer more versatility than more traditional bulb lighting systems. LEDs are cheaper to illuminate and don’t radiate heat, which means they’re safer for customers – particularly if your establishment is family-friendly. LED lighting is also versatile, so you can change the mood or light levels in a particular room – perhaps taking your dining room from lunch to dinner service – and control multiple lighting ‘zones’ at once.

Our team can help with restaurant lighting ideas, and will come up with a lighting scheme that brings out the best in your venue.

Get your sound system installed by the experts with EES Showhire


Our team has over 30 years’ experience in designing, supplying and installing top quality sound and lighting systems for businesses.

As a BOSE Pro Partner you can trust us with providing the best possible equipment at great value. We will help decide the right system design for your restaurant, and install the perfect background music system, restaurant lighting scheme or other AV setup.

The EES Showhire service doesn’t just stop once we’ve helped build the perfect sound system, however. We offer maintenance on our sound, AV electrical and lighting equipment, and provide excellent aftercare support whenever you need it.

To start creating the perfect restaurant sound system with our trusted experts, simply give us a call today for a no obligation quote.

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