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We offer a range of event services including live music production with crew and technicians, dry hire of equipment and event management services. EES Showhire has lighting packages, PA system and access to stages that can handle shows with audiences from 500 of up to 10,000 people. If you are a festival organiser or want to put on a large outdoor music event, please get in touch to talk about what we can offer. Our equipment is industry standard brands including Bose, Senneiser, Shure, Audio Technica and Allen and Heath. Both analogue and digital solutions can be offered for your event. We have both line array and point source PA’s. If you are worried about noise issues, our steerable line array technology can limit the amount of noise outside the event arena and concentrate it on the crowd

We work with a number of carefully selected suppliers to ensure all the requirements of your event are met. For example, temporary roads and structures, toilets, grandstands, power distribution, site lighting and large format video screens are all available from us. Our staff and crew carry relevant safety training to undertake their roles to ensure relevant health and safety requirements are met.

We can offer a set of RAMS for any work we undertake. We also carry the Safety Passport Alliance scheme cards. EES Showhire is a member of the National Outdoor Events Association, giving you peace of mind that we adhere to an independent Code of Practice for our industry. Some of our staff also belong to industry professional bodies such as the Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers. Should you just need to hire equipment from us to supplement your own, we can also dry hire equipment to you. Please have a look at our catalogue to see what we can offer.

Events Management with singers on a stage at a concert

If you wish to plan an event, but are unsure where to begin, EES Showhire have staff who can build an event management plan with you. We can work for you, or with you, to ensure you have covered all the relevant legislation within your plan.

Here is some feedback from some of our clients – along with a press cutting

Why use EES Showhire?

We pride ourselves on our professionality.  Our staff are trained and experienced in all aspects of their work.  EES Showhire employees carry health and safety passports so you know you are using a trusted and safe pair of hands.  The suppliers we use are vetted by us and we ensure that relevant legal requirements are being met.  Method statements and risk assessments can be provided for all the work we will undertake for you.

We also like to think we offer a friendly service.  Sometimes you need a sympathetic guide on how to use a piece of equipment, with EES Showhire no question is a silly question.  We want to ensure you get the most out of everything you do.

How long does it take to set up a festival?

Planning a festival or outdoor music event can be a daunting task.  To do it right, many months of work go into making sure the event is a good one.  EES Showhire can help guide you through that process or even do it for you with our experienced event management team.

When it comes to the event itself, we can arrive on the morning of the event to an open green field site, install a stage, run the event and de-rig everything in a day.  Our staff work tirelessly to ensure things run smoothly and on time.

How can I get power and lighting when I have no electricity nearby?

Power issues are not a problem.  Providing we can get access to site with a generator, being out in the open countryside miles from anything should not be a hinderance.  We also supply all the power distribution you need off the back of the generator to get the power where you need it.

Do I need crew for my event?

Should you need technical crew to help you run the production side of your event, EES Showhire has in house lighting and sound engineers.  Running a show is often a stressful experience, trying to get the acts on and off stage with all their equipment and run it to a tight schedule.  This is where we can help because it is what we do on a regular occasion.

I have limited access to my site, can I still get a stage in?

We have delivered outdoor stages to some tricky sites.  Farmers fields, market squares and memorial sites have been some of our toughest challenges.  The stages we use for large outdoor music events are all demountable which means they are towed onto site by a vehicle which vacates once the stage is in position.  The challenge can often be getting the stage into position without damaging grass or knocking a lamp post and so on.  If you are worried about your event, we can visit the site with you to ensure the stage you hire is the correct size, will fit in the space and can access its resting position.

How do I know what equipment I will need for my event?

Essentially you do not need to know specifically what is required, you just need to know what it is you are trying to achieve.  For example, you may tell us you want 5,000 people to hear what is being said on stage, we will know from looking at the arena what type of PA is required and which microphones are best suited to the job.  We are here to guide you.

Alternatively, if you have a tech rider which you do not really understand, we can help make sense of it and source the equipment for you.

The more information you can provide the better as we will be in a position to offer more bespoke and accurate advice.

How do I know the equipment I hire will be reliable?

Our equipment is tried and tested from some of the biggest names in the events industry.  We use industry standard equipment to ensure reliability and quality throughout.  Also, our equipment comes PAT tested where necessary which gives you confidence it will work for you.

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