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EES Showhire offer a complete in house installation service. We have electricians, sound and lighting designers and a team of installation experts. We can supply equipment from most many major brands to suit most budgets, so whether you require Bose or Sennheiser, or perhaps a budget friendly solution, we have equipment to suit your need.

Our installation ethos is believing in the use of well engineered, quality products, which both do the job and stand up to the rigours of daily use.

All our installers are up to date with current regulations and carry CCS cards to ensure they know the most up to date health and safety guidance.

Typically our customers include pubs, clubs, theatres, village halls, schools, leisure centres, venues, architects and private property. Some of our clients include Barnsley Premier Leisure, Kinema In The Woods, Engie and the NHS to name just a few.

You can rely on our service and rest assured we will deliver what we say we will.

Restaurant Spencers Retford Sound System Install

Spencers On The Square Retford High End Restaurant

school pa hire

The Fernwood School Academy Wollaton Nottingham

Kinema In The Woods Woodhall Spa

Kinema In The Woods Woodhall Spa

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Gabriels Bar And Restaurant

Sound System Speaker Installation

When designing a sound system for your space, we generally require a visit to the site to assess its acoustic qualities, look at what you are trying to achieve and match the sound system to suit the task. For example, in a shop, we have access to speakers which are designed to allow people to talk over the music (Perfect for restaurant sound installations) in specific frequencies thus making their experience more comfortable. In sports hall we can design systems to reduce echo by targeting the sound at the intended audience. There are many solutions for your venue which can be discussed.

Speaker Installation for an Event

Restaurants and pubs may require complex systems which route sound to desired locations within the building and can have different audio in different spaces. Generally this is called multi-zone and we can supply systems which change the zoning matrix with the press of a button on a touch screen, meaning it’s very simple for the user to operate. From setting up a Hi-Fi in your living room, through to complex multi-zone systems and large arena filling sound, we can deliver your audio needs.

Once we have looked at the space we are designing for, we will produce a quote for you. You can discuss the quote with our designers to ensure you are happy with the system before proceeding with the work. We install systems we are happy to put our name against and believe in giving our customers the correct solution which has been designed to perform to a high standard for many years. We can also make systems flexible for the venue giving local volumes and local inputs to different zones within a building.

Lighting System Installation

We specialise in theatrical and architectural lighting for venues and public spaces. Using DMX and controllers we can give you colour schemes, ambient and functional lighting control at the touch of a button. Our electricians are capable of replacing existing lighting or installing a new system from the ground up. We do both indoor and outdoor lighting. At Kinema In The Woods we installed colour changing LED tape, spot lights and LED wash lights to make the cinema really stand out as an attraction. In the intermission guests enjoy music from an organ which rises from the ground in front of the screen, this is lit using our lighting hung from a pre-wired bar in the ceiling. We also used colour LED washes for the curtain in front of the screen and matched the colour to their scheme. Guests can also see where they are going at the end of the film thanks to our installation of LED tape.

Lighting Installation at EES ShowhireLighting Installation at EES Showhire

We have also installed large antique chandeliers, outdoor sign illumination and floodlighting to ensure venues get noticed around town. All of which can be tied into a lighting touch screen controller.


Electrical Installations

We have undertaken several projects where our staff install electrical circuits from the ground up. We can work with the electrical supplier to ensure you have the correct amount of power for your project coming into the building, then we manage the install of mains fuse boards through to completion of second fix. We are happy working with your builders, consultants and other contractors where necessary. We have installed electrical systems for industrial cookers/kitchens, fridges, air conditioning and other large scale commercial items.

Electrical Installation for Events Hire

Audio Visual Installations

We can install multi screen systems where you want different shows playing on different televisions. We spec and install projectors and screens for domestic and commercial ventures. We have installed cinema screens and audio in some local theatres who run cinema nights.

Audio Visual Installs for Events