Restaurant Spencers Retford Sound System Install

The Client

Once one of the UK’s most successful and renowned auction houses, Henry Spencer’s auction house lies at the heart of market life in Retford and played a significant part in the social history of the town. As custodian of this fantastic building, our client felt that Spencer’s on the Square owes a duty to its heritage to be the very best that it can be in every possible way.

With that in mind they adopted a mantra: quality throughout. This extends to every aspect; from the food you eat, the drinks you enjoy and the service ethos. The aim is to provide an experience that is second to none, both in Retford and beyond.

First Contact

During the design stage of their project, Spencer’s On The Square owner, Charles Johnson, made contact with EES Showhire whilst we were refitting a lighting install at our local theatre in Retford. Walking passed he struck up a conversation about his new restaurant idea and wondered if we may assist him in the audio side of things. Following an exchange of details, we were more than happy to talk on the phone, email and on site meetings.


Charles Johnson told us “…Our vision was to create a quality town centre bar and restaurant destination that is safe, offers great service and has extremely high standards, above all a place our customers and staff are proud to be a part of….” Showhire was contracted to fit the entire electrical solution to one of Nottinghamshire’s premier venues, located in Retford. The renovation started from scratch, we worked with the customer to design and install electrics, sound, lighting, communications and emergency fire system, from a blank canvas.

Lighting Installation for Retford Restaurant
Restaurant Sound System Install Retford
Retford Restaurant Installation


We installed the latest sound and lighting technologies allowing control for the entire venue from one point behind the bar. The emergency fire alarm system we installed is a Mag Pro 16 by ESP. The life saving system is ideal for small to medium venues and is addressed enabling you and emergency responders to identify exactly which detector is alarming, rather than relying on a generic zonal system. Our in house engineers are able to install electronic equipment to suit any venue and most budgets.


Spencer’s On The Square is now a venue of generally unrivalled quality in Retford. Lighting in the restaurant seating area is provided by six antique chandeliers which are fully tied in to the touch screen control panel for the lighting system situated behind the bar. Given scenes can be recalled from the touchpad allowing you to set a lighting mood whatever the event with just the touch of a button on a menu. Also behind the bar is a control point for the Bose sound system which allows multiple inputs around the room to be selected as well as adjusting the volume in all locations. Several performance and artist inputs have been included around the venue so that singers, DJ’s or even bands con plug in and select their input with the click of a button. The system then configures itself for performer playback.

EES Showhire were an invaluable part of this project, right from the start they gave me confidence in their ability to deliver timely work on budget. They have been approachable and accommodating throughout. We couldn't have done it without them

Charles JohnsonRestaurant Owner