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night club pa speaker system installation for DJ sets
night club dj with pa sound system wall mounted speakers and light show with smoke machine

We specialise in creating modern, affordable and great quality sound systems for clubs

Nightclubs are all about music. You want it loud, clear, engaging and exciting –  and for that, you need a sound system that’s up to the job and fit for purpose.

There are lots of components that go into creating the ultimate sound system for clubs, and our team will help you choose the right ones. We are official Bose suppliers and stock a variety of leading brands, so we can provide top of the line equipment at great value and with quality guaranteed.

As entertainment specialists, you know our EES Showhire team will provide the very best service. If you’re just looking for some updated equipment to add to your existing set up, we’ll advise on the best complementary kit and get you the very best value. Our expert engineers can also devise a complete club sound system by looking at your venue’s blueprints and assessing your needs – we’ll draw up the complete structure from equipment choice through to placement, integration and installation. All that, while remaining competitive in the market and offering expert advice informed by years in the business.

How to build a club sound system?

The first thing to consider when thinking about nightclub sound systems and equipment is quality. Having the right music and high quality entertainment is your livelihood, and it’s the heartbeat of your venue.

You’ll also need to think about usage. Will you be using these speakers, subwoofers, bass bins and amplifiers only for music on the dance floor? Or will you need to integrate a PA system for announcements and consider an adjustable zoned system to alter sound levels and inputs during different hours?

Typically, we advise high performance speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and bass bins to be strategically positioned around the main dance floor and stage, ideally in cabinets or tucked under

Get in touch with our specialists for a full audit of your venue and top recommendations.

1. Designing the best nightclub speaker system

Power, quality and type are all vital considerations here. For the main dancefloor and bar areas, having speakers that are hidden out of sight is really important. You want them either set into walls or tucked beneath the stage or into side areas – partly so they can’t be tripped over or bumped into, and partly so they don’t get drinks spilled over them.

For different areas of the club you’ll need different speakers, too. You need powerful, clear and reliable main speakers for the dance area, offering clarity so lyrics can be heard but not imbalanced levels that cause reverberation or feedback. In toilet areas you’ll still want speakers so music can be heard, but you’ll want a reduced sound level and convenient placement – we suggest ceiling or wall mounted speakers for club toilets.

Bass bin speakers and subwoofers are also important pieces of kit for clubs playing tunes with heavy bass lines. Investing in a quality, fit for purpose speaker system means you won’t suffer any drop in audio quality or clarity, no matter the music type or volume.

A subwoofer (or sub) plays at lower frequencies (20-22 Hz) for bass and sub-bass sounds. Powered or active subwoofers and bass bins have reinforcement in the form of in-built amplifiers, and can be hooked up to your club’s mixing console or sound station without the need for any extra amplifiers. For larger nightclubs or specialist music venues, an active subwoofer is a great choice for extra fidelity and higher sound quality.

Depending on the layout of your venue and the way you want to set up your sound tech, you might want to store bass bin and subwoofer speakers in specially designed sound cabinets, or consider insetting them to the stage or performance area. The EES Showhire team will help create a custom plan based on your blueprints to maximise music dynamics and SPL (sound pressure level).

2. Find the best microphones for nightclub use

Having a high fidelity microphone that’s reliable, versatile, durable, powerful and easy to use is considered essential for many club nights. Whether you’ve got in house DJs or welcome a rotating list of performers and artists, you’ll likely need to switch input, usage and function from night to night.

Wireless headsets and microphones have lots of benefits – allowing performers more movement and freedom. However, they can also be an expensive investment and require a fine tuned system. There are a variety of great wired microphone set ups that can work perfectly for stage and general bar use, and our team’s years of experience in entertainment will help create the ideal system for you.

3. Audio controls for night clubs and bars

Make the experience for your staff and guests as premium as possible with a completely customisable and controllable audio system. Many of our club sound system projects use zoned systems, which allow you or your team members to control the audio levels in different areas of the club.

This is particularly important for health and safety, and protecting your club staff’s hearing. So, you can have different speaker types – including ceiling and wall mounted and freestanding units – all playing from the same playlist or input, but operating at different volumes. Turn it up on the dance floor for the best customer experience, and lower the volume in areas like the toilets and the bar without disrupting the atmosphere.

Nightclub sound zones also mean you can offer a more varied experience and attract even more guests and maximise profit. If you have multiple rooms, set up a zonal sound system to play different types of music from different outputs simultaneously.

We can create a fully zoned system that includes input and output sockets right around your venue, with speakers in every area set up perfectly. So, whether you’re controlling music from the stage or plugging in a smartphone, you can control the entire club from anywhere. It’s a matter of preference on how you set up your club system – you might want all speaker sound to be controlled by the DJ, or might just need a few speakers for a smaller space.

night club dance floor lighting and sound system installation
night club light show with sound system and lasers installation services
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Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation

How much does a club sound system cost?

Whatever works for you, let EES Showhire help. We’ll work with your budget to find the right solution. Our team specialises in event management and creating the best entertainment experience, so we can create a completely bespoke system or nightclub speaker package designed just for your venue.

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