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EES Showhire offers a repair and maintenance service covering all makes and models of electrical sound and lighting equipment. We have qualified engineers who understand the equipment they are working on and can draw on years of experience in both the electronics and entertainment industries.From simple cable repairs to complex servicing work on sound and lighting desks you can be assured of a professional service.We charge an £18 initial diagnosis fee to fault find and that also covers the first 30 mins of any repair work undertaken. We then charge for parts and engineer time per hour to undertake the repair work. We will contact you before repair work is undertaken with an estimate of how much we think the repair will cost.If you bring an item in, we will log it and give you a slip of paper with our contact information on it and details of the item you brought in. You can rest assured your item is in good hands.

Valve Amp Servicing

We now have in house facilities to deal with the majority of valve servicing from simple faults to more complex re biasing. We can ensure your amp delivers the best performance so if that cherished Marshall, Vox, Blackstar, Mesa Boogie or any other make of amplifier is showing its age, why not give us a call to see what we can do. Our favourite servicing story was that we once had a 1960’s Marshall amp in for a service.

It was an attic find which the customer wanted servicing before putting it through it’s paces. Upon taking it apart we realised it had never been worked on since leaving the factory…and the quality assurance testing stamp inside it was simply initialled……’JCM’. The ‘Father of Loud’ himself was the last person to handle the inside of this amp.

Valve Amp Repairs

Portable Appliance  Testing (PAT)

We offer a PAT testing service either on or off site, for more details contact us on the number below.

PAT Test Label

Turntables Repairs

We offer setup and servicing to all brands of turntables. We can compltely overhaul or just fit a new stylus. Whatever it needs to make that vinyl breath again – because we all know it’s just better!

Turntable Repairs

Amplifiers and Hi-Fi Repairs

We can diagnose and repair most faults on most amplifiers and hi-fi equipment. If your volume knob is crackly or one channel on the amplifier simply doesn’t work we usually know how to solve it

Hifi Speaker Repairs

PA Speaker Repairs

Whilst we do not build speaker enclosures, we can usually repair broken speakers. Some speakers have a fault where there is no high frequency anymore or some may have a hole in the driver for example. We can supply new parts and repair most of these. We’ve even sourced parts for old Jukeboxes etc.

Speaker Repairs

DJ Equipment Repairs

As above we can repair turntables and electronic equipment, but also lighting too. If your lighting bar isn’t working correctly we can take a look to see where the issues lies. Sometimes we can recommend where to return faulty items back to manufacturers too.

Power Amplifier Repairs

Cable and Wiring Repairs

Cables and leads are often used and abused during their life on the road or even sometimes the develop faults just sat around. We can reconnect jacks, XLRs, ethernet connections (RJ45) and so on. If we can’t fix it, we can certainly supply a new one.

Guitar Cable Repairs

Microphone Repairs

Depending where the fault lies, we can sometimes repair faults on mic’s. If the capsule itself has been damaged, we won’t be able to repair it, but we can sometimes repair wiring faults. If we can’t fix it, we can supply you a new one or return it back to the manufacturer to look at.If it’s a radio mic, we can provide advice with setup, interference issues and mutli channel systems.

Microphone Repairs for Events

Lighting Fixture Repairs

Traditional theatrical lighting fixtures can be serviced to make the optical path as clean and bright as possible. We carry stock of spare bulbs for PAR cans, spots, fresnels etc

Lighting Fixture Repairs

Batteries & Portable PA Repairs

If your battery in your portable PA is not lasting for as long as it used to, it might be time for a change. We can supply and fit new batteries to get you back up and running again.