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Why hire from EES Showhire?

EES Showhire is a well established and trusted hirer of AV, sound and lighting equipment.  We have a range of PA systems and speakers for most occasions.  Single speakers through to full event PA systems, we are here to help you.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through what equipment you need and help you make decisions about accessories you may need.

Our stock is inspected and PAT tested at regular intervals so you can trust the equipment you get from us is in fully working order and will not let you down for your event.  If anything does happen to go wrong, we are only a phone call away.

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What type of PA do I need for my wedding?

There are many different ways of providing audio for you wedding through one of our PA systems.  It depends on what you want to do with the PA.  Is it for speeches?  Is it for background music?  Is it for the DJ?  Or perhaps it is a mixture of all of the above?

If you wish to make the best man’s speech heard by everyone at the back of the room, perhaps you only need a microphone and a speaker.  Maybe you need a louder more powerful system for music to be played, we have different styles of full PA in stock.

If you wish to have something more elegant and perhaps subtle in looks, but still great sound, you may wish to chose our Bose L1 for up to 500 people.  It can provide full rich sound from a DJ, solo artist, or just for speeches and background music.

We have many different types of PA for all sorts of purposes and uses as well as some versatile jack of all trades.  Why not give us a call or come in for chat.

My wedding is in a marquee, how do I get power to the PA?

We can provide power distribution and a generator to get you sorted.  Hide the generator out of the way around the back of the marquee and we can get power to all the parts of the site needing power.

If you already have a generator, we can provide the cables you need to distribute power.

I would like people at the back to hear the speeches.

We can provide a range of microphones from lapel, or tie clip microphones to hand held or head worn.  We also do a range of both wired and wireless.  These can plug into any of our PA systems.

Depending on the size of the room we have a different options on PA size, power and audio distribution techniques for you to chose from.

Can the band use my speeches PA?

Depending on the type of band, they may need more power than a PA provided for speech alone.  For example, a rock band may need a system capable of handling bass guitars and kick drums and playing music at louder volumes.  We can provide subwoofers with top speaker, mixers, microphones and powerful amplifiers for a full band set up.

I have a band and a DJ, can they share the PA?

In theory yes they can. One thing to bear in mind is that a DJ probably only needs a left and a right audio input along with a microhome, so the capability of the mixer need only be limited.  With a full band, you may require many more inputs for all the different instruments and singers.  So, the PA speakers and amplifiers may be the same, but you might possibly need to upgrade the choice of mixer to something with more inputs.

If you’re stuck, just ask and we can help you decide what you need.

I don’t want wires around the top table for the speeches, what are my options?

Radio microphones!  Wireless audio transmission from either lapel, head worn or hand held microphones.  We have a great range of wireless microphones in our catalogue, so we’ve got this covered for you.

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