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PA hire is very popular for many outdoor events such as festivals, fun runs, sports days, fete’s, gala’s or wherever large amounts of people are required to hear announcements, often require bespoke PA solutions.  EES Showhire provide professional PA hire solutions for such events all over the country.  Using our many years of experience and expert knowledge, we can supply outdoor PA for usage over large areas and have both 100v high impedance and dynamic audio low impedance systems.

EES Showhire provide bespoke outdoor PA hire solutions for events and marquees

EID celebrations within the Muslim community are a huge part of the religious calendar.  Tens of thousands gather in festival like scenes up and down the country to celebrate the end of a month of fasting.  It’s a time to reflect, pray and but also have fun with all your family.

In Leicester EES Showhire provided outdoor PA for around 10,000 people for prayers, announcements and background music.  Several large marquees were erected in Victoria Park with a large male prayer space designated in front of the marquees for the men to pray.  Several thousand attendees were led in prayer by the Imam using a head microphone.

Arriving to a virtually empty field at 05:30am, we set out a PA system capable of allowing full range dynamic audio to be distributed evenly over an area of around 15,000m².  To do this we had a control centre where the amplifiers were set up with a digital mixing console.  Included in control was a set of radio microphones with long range antennas to pick up from distance.  Speakers were laid out in strategic locations allowing the best coverage without overly loud volumes.

EES Showhire provide bespoke outdoor PA hire solutions for events and marquees
EES Showhire provide bespoke outdoor PA hire solutions for events and marquees

Does EES Showhire use high or low impedance PA systems?

The good news is, we have a range of both high and low impedance systems. However, there are some considerations to take into account when choosing the PA for your event.

High impendence speakers use a step down transformer to convert high voltage signals which can be sent over much greater distances than traditional low impedance systems.  The limitation is generally they are for voice only as they cannot reproduce the same quality as a traditional speaker.  You can get away with background music and speech but not much else.

Is it dangerous to operate electrical equipment outdoors?

We use outdoor rated electrical distribution and have weather resistant PA systems in our range of stock.  Generally speaking, we do not let a little bit of rain stop the event.  However, we always exercise caution in damp conditions especially when 13amp equipment is being used.  If you are unsure about how to operate the equipment you have on hire from us, then please ask as we can provide advice and guidance.

However, if you have hired a full solution, with engineers, from us then rest assured, we will not take any risks have health and safety at the front of our thoughts throughout the event, whether wet or dry.

What PA system wattage do I need for large outdoor events?

You may see advertisements for PA systems saying things like ‘huge 5kW PA’.  We would advise you to be cautious about this because the power of a system can be measured in several ways and the figures given can be misleading if you do not fully understand them.

We advise having the correct PA for the purpose it serves, rather than the biggest wattage.  For example, a 5kW point source PA may be able to fire high volumes across a field, especially from pre-recorded music.  However, after 30 or 40 metres the volume may diminish.  Perhaps rather than deafening those closest to the speakers in order for those further away to hear, consider other options such as several speakers placed strategically, which may only need to be 30-50watts each.  Or one of our more directional array systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise what we think is best.

Can you install an outdoor PA system?

EES Showhire installs all kinds of PA systems.  We would be happy to provide you with a quote.  Please take a look at our PA system installation page for more information.

Can I have music to go with fireworks?

Yes certainly.  We have produced many fireworks to music events from small wedding receptions through to thousands of people in a field.  It’s very simple for us to do and we would be more than happy to provide a quote.

I need an outdoor portable PA system

Portable PA’s are in stock!  We offer battery operated PA systems with microphones, CD players, mp3 player input, card/usb readers and even a cassette tape.  These are very popular units and quite inexpensive.

How many microphones can I have on an outdoor system?

As many as you like up to the channel count of the mixing capability you have.  We do a range of mixers, some with built in amplification as a stand alone system.  These can be useful for sports days etc as they take up to 6-8 channels for music playback and microphones plus you can have multiple speakers from them.

If you need something more than this, we offer mixing desks which can take up to 48 channels of audio into them, so most events would be easily covered by these.

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Hire Active PA Speakers
150 watt Mono 6 channel
High quality headworn microphone with beltpack on hire by EES Showhire
EES Showhire provide bespoke outdoor PA hire solutions for events
EES Showhire provide professional outdoor PA solutions for large events and gatherings

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