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Hotel Reception sound system install
Hotel meeting room audio installation

You might not realise it, but a hotel requires a high quality sound system to offer the best guest experience. Think about it – you want clear announcements over the PA system, good music in the bar, good quality playback from televisions in guest rooms, easy to use speakers and microphones in conference rooms and reliable background sound in restaurants and lounge areas.

At EES Showhire we specialise in creating audio visual systems that provide the ultimate in guest experience, which is why we should be your number one choice for hotel sound system design. We will supply the best quality equipment for you – for example, let us create a Bose hospitality sound system just for your hotel.

What is a hotel sound system?

A hotel sound system is similar in many ways to set ups for restaurants, bars or other venues. You need speakers, a good interlinking connection system, a zoned design to control sound for different spaces, and optional extras like amplifiers and microphones. A good hotel sound system has lots of specific needs, however, which is why making sure it’s designed and installed by a professional is so important.

Everything from guest announcements to wedding party playlists will be run and controlled through your sound system. It needs to be easy to use for you, your staff, guests and hired performers. You need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment and controls to be able to move from event to event, hotel area to hotel area without a hitch.

That’s where we come in. Our years of experience in event planning and working with entertainment venues means we know a thing or two about sound. We’ll work with you to custom make a sound and lighting system that brings out the best in your hotel.

Hotels are event spaces – which is what we specialise in. Weddings, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, graduations, business conferences and more will likely take place at your hotel. That means you need a reliable system that provides high quality sound across the board and in every area. We work with businesses of all sizes, so whether your hotel has a few rooms or a few hundred rooms, we’ll work closely with you to create the perfect sound system for you and your guests.

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Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation

Audio visual equipment used in hotels

We have over 30 years of experience in creating reliable sound systems. When it comes to hotel audio systems, we know the most important thing is quality – closely followed by reliability, durability and versatility.

The best speakers for hotel sound systems

Across the hotel you’ll probably require several different types of speaker. In the reception area you might want ceiling mounted speakers for when guests enter, and then standalone or hidden speakers tucked around the welcome desk. If you’ve got televisions in the lobby area, you’ll need to think about whether you want to hook these up to speakers to project sound.

Then, in meeting rooms and event halls, you’ll need to consider more powerful speaker systems. If you often play host to weddings and parties you could look to include a bass bin or sub woofer speaker into your system, to offer better sound quality and get your guests up dancing.

Along corridors, in lifts and potentially even in guest rooms, ceiling or wall mounted speakers are key. You want to supply unobtrusive, subtle sound without getting in the way or ruining your décor. For event spaces where weddings, parties and other hospitality events take place, we often recommend portable or standalone speakers – this way you can adjust the system for each event and provide a completely customisable event experience for your guests.

Guest rooms are where people come to relax, a home away from home. Consider supplying speakers that will allow your guests to play their own music – perhaps from a phone, laptop or other device. You can also set up ceiling mounted or wall mounted speakers in rooms that connect to the television or in room radio. It’s particularly important to consider maximum volume in guest rooms – you want to provide good quality and an enjoyable experience, but make sure guests in neighbouring rooms aren’t disturbed.

Amplifiers for the best hotel audio systems

Amplifiers are key for increasing volume, but they’re also crucial for adjusting quality and being able to control your system.
Amplifiers can be particularly useful for noisy areas – for example in kitchen areas or gyms. For a hotel background music system, we highly recommend at least one zone controlled amplifier. This means you can alter volume and more in different areas of the hotel as needed. For example, you can turn the volume up or down in the restaurant depending on the service, and control the audio in reception from your office.

Do you need to consider microphones for your hotel sound system?

Microphones aren’t essential for all hotel sound systems, but they can be particularly beneficial for venues with events, live music and conference facilities.

As event specialists, we have decades of experience working with microphones, and can recommend the perfect audio solution for you. Wireless and wired microphones both have their benefits, and we’ll discuss them in detail as part of your EES Showhire consultation. Microphones can be useful to connect to your PA system or to have on hand for hotel bands, visiting musicians or at hired events.

Hotel entertainment area sound lighting install
Hotel Bar lighting system install

How to design the best hotel lighting system

Considering the right lighting types for your hotel is an essential part of planning the perfect guest experience. Some venues might simply install the same fixtures throughout their hotel, without considering how they will be used.

At EES Showhire we work with a number of brands, and can advise you on the best lights and fittings for every area of your hotel.

The best lights for hotel guest rooms

In guest rooms you’ll need to consider the main room light – usually ceiling mounted – in addition to lamps, bedside lights, wall mounted lights, mirror lights and more. Guest rooms are also multi functional and 24-hour spaces – your fixtures need to go from day to night time and provide functional lighting throughout. We typically recommend LED lights for most hotel systems, due to their reliability, long lasting bulb life and safety.

Hotel lighting ideas

From the main lobby through to smaller areas like the gym, spa, restaurant and conference rooms, lighting needs to be both aesthetic and functional. Use lights as a focal point in the reception area – perhaps consider wall mounted uplighters or coloured bulbs to create a dramatic or welcoming effect.

In the gym, we recommend ceiling and wall mounted lights to provide the best illumination and keep the floor and walls free from hazards. Hotel restaurants and bars will also require their own lighting (and sound) design. Use zoned controllers to keep management simple, and match fixtures to your décor – wall mounted lights are useful in restaurants, while weatherproof equipment is key for terraces, smoking areas and gardens.

The perfect hotel audio visual system, designed by EES Showhire

Get in touch with our team for a no obligation quote and package for your hotel sound system. Chat with one of our friendly team members to get inspiration and ideas, and let us help create the perfect, high quality and great value system to take your venue further.

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