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At EES Showhire we undertake professional servicing and maintenance of all types and models of PA system. From PAT testing to complete rewire or rebuild, we can help you out. Whether you have a small Hi-Fi or a multizone customer announcement PA, we can help.

The Best Customer Support for PA Maintenance

Our customers benefit from having peace of mind that their system will be reliable and fit for purpose. We use quality replacement parts for a professional long lasting solution. We go to many venues where something is not quite right with the audio and have been told some of our clients customers have been put off by poor sounding audio. Whether it be back ground music, announcements or for live performance, the quality of audio can greatly affect your customers experience. It can even be subliminal, perhaps an off putting resonant frequency or poorly installed out of phase speaker can be enough to become more than just a little irritating, especially over a period of time during a meal for example

Lighting Installation at EES ShowhireLighting Installation at EES Showhire

Diagnosing PA System Issues with Experts

Some of the main issues we come across include audio input malfunctions. Quite often an audio system will be limited because perhaps a mixer may have developed a fault for example. This can lead to having a less than optimal number of inputs, so a user can no longer plug in their phone for example. We also often see it where a plug may have snapped off in a physical input and so the lead can not be used any more. Sometimes, we come across customers who do not realise they can add a simple bluetooth module to their system or connect it to a streaming service. We can help with any number of small or large issues you may have.

Audio Output, generally the speakers, can often leave an audio system woefully mismatched or inadequate. We have seen gyms pushing domestic hi-fi equipment way beyond its design specification to get customers pumped up for their exercise, usually resulting in broken equipment. Poorly matched audio apparatus and accessories will sound wrong and may ultimately fail. With a simple review and service we can make recommendations to ensure your system is fit for purpose. We can match the amps to the speakers, we can check for phasing errors and we can ensure the speakers are not being pushed too hard to cope with sound beyond their design tolerance. This is more than just volume, it includes frequency response and many other factors.

Different speakers can be designed for specific purposes, for example, background music speakers in a retail environment will be set up to allow comfortable speech over the top. We can help ensure your system provides the right environment for your premises.

Pa System Maintenance installed loudspeakers
Pa System Maintenance backstage wiring
Audio Cable Pa System Maintenance backstage wiring
Pa System Power amp Maintenance back stage racking

PA System Maintenance Troubleshooting Processes

We can also set up, fault find or fix issues with analogue, digital or software driven crossover systems in more complicated live audio environments. We often find customers in a theatres for example, where a complex audio system is installed for live performance and there are gaps or holes in the audio where audio frequencies are missing or sometimes the opposite, overpowering and uncomfortable for the listener. We can set up and EQ the room and speakers to ensure the optimum sound for a given auditorium. Many of our customers have systems which route audio throughout a building using a zone mixer or sometimes a zoning amplifier. For the end user, these can be complicated pieces of equipment to understand and get the most out of. We can ensure that all the routing is being done correctly through the mixing matrix and volumes are equalised throughout the building leaving you with the easy task of selecting what you wish to play where.

Pa System Maintenance on stage equipment

PA Microphone Maintenance

Paging microphones are often used in a reception areas for either contacting a member of staff or putting out a message to the public in the entire building. Other microphones may not be working correctly or misused, perhaps they are developing pops, introducing hiss or damaging bangs in the audio system. These can be uncomfortable to listen to and may also damage the audio equipment. It is worth having microphones checked and cleaned by a professional to ensure reliable service.

Microphone Repairs for Events

Loudspeaker PA System Maintenance

It is common for speakers which cover a large area to be on a 100v system. 100V systems are better suited to either public address, background music or paging and not for live performance or dynamic music environments. We can ensure the system you have in place is being utilised in the best way and if not, make recommendations to upgrade. At EES Showhire we also understand distributing audio over data networks, by manufacturers such as Dante. Dante allows a more centralised control using networked audio end points, meaning, amongst many other benefits, you can remain in control of your buildings audio, from one place.

Pa System Maintenance waterproof speaker wquipment in a swimming pool

Approved by Brands for Maintenance & Replacements

When it comes to replacing worn out or broken equipment, EES Showhire has access to brands which suit most budgets. We won’t compromise on quality and we use professional audio spares suppliers to ensure your equipment will not fail you when you need it. We use industry standard manufacturers such as Bose, Sennheiser, Cloud and many others giving you total peace of mind.

So with all that in mind, why not give us a call and we can help turn your tired audio system into a modern fit for purpose professional and reliable set up. We can walk you through the choices you have available to you whether it be with regards to amplifiers, digital, active, passive and so on. We’ll help you understand what you require, and make it work.

power amplifier Pa System Maintenance
Mixing Desk Pa System Maintenance