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White wallmount outdoor bose sound system installation for restaurant
Bose outdoor speakers at a bar and restaurant

The UK is a nation of pub lovers, and when the weather gets warmer we flock to beer gardens, rooftop bars, pubs with outdoor space and bar terraces to soak up the sun.

Of course, the best beer gardens have more than just an outdoor space and drinks. They’ve got great service, a vibrant atmosphere and an outdoor sound system playing the best tunes. To make your beer garden look and sound its best, you need a top quality set up and equipment you can rely on. Outdoor sound systems need to have an IP rating for safety and reliability. Additionally, you need to consider professional installation to make sure your speakers, sub woofers, amplifiers and other equipment pieces are secure – you’ll likely be leaving them exposed 24 hours a day, so they need to be fixed in place.

At EES Showhire we specialise in creating sound and lighting systems designed to take entertainment venues to the next level. Our team works on a completely personalised basis, and will look at your venue’s blueprints, layout and requirements in order to make expert recommendations. We can supply a wide range of high quality equipment across multiple ranges – from high performance speaker systems to waterproof equipment.

What is an outdoor sound system?

Much like your indoor pub sound system, your beer garden set up will need to consist of carefully and strategically placed speakers, plus potentially amplifiers, microphones and specialist lighting fixtures.

Bar terrace and beer garden sounds are typically relaxed playlists or radio, but you might also want to create a hybrid indoor/outdoor system for announcements and pub quizzes, for example.

As the night goes on, you might transform your rooftop bar from a venue for chilled out after work drinks to a dance floor, so you’ll need versatile speakers and other equipment to make sure you get great sound.

An outdoor sound system will typically consist of a combination of the following elements:

  • Speakers
    • Weatherproof speakers are key for an outdoor space
  • Amplifiers
    • A multi zoned system is essential for pubs and venues with indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Microphones
    • For open mic nights, pub quizzes, events and announcements
  • Lighting
    • Good waterproof lights go hand in hand with your sound system
outdoor speaker sound system installation
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Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation

The key components of a high quality outdoor sound system

At EES Showhire we believe in great value, high quality and personalised service. That means that we’ll only recommend products we think are right for your venue, and will be there every step of the way from site audit through to installation and beyond.

The best outdoor speakers

Clearly, speakers are integral to any sound system. This is one area you don’t want to skimp on quality – you need high fidelity, high quality sound to come from your speakers to set the entire mood of your bar, club, pub or restaurant.

Weatherproof speakers and waterproof equipment are, of course, key to success. Whether you go for a wall mounted, standalone or portable speaker, making sure you can use it in any weather and whenever you need it is vital. For beer gardens, perhaps go for speakers that can be nestled into plant pots or partially buried for a subtle effect. If it’s a smoking area or bar terrace, wall mounted speakers and lights are a great idea.

At EES Showhire we’ve been working on concerts, shows, events and more for years, so we know what makes quality outdoor audio systems. You need reliability and functionality to tailor sound output to the event and surroundings. Sub woofers and bass bins are great for smoking areas and terraces of clubs – keep the atmosphere going for your guests even when they venture outside.

For example, if your venue is surrounded by other businesses or is in a residential area, you need to make sure you’re balancing high quality sound for your guests with a reasonable level for surrounding residents. Cleverly designed, good quality speakers can guarantee you this – get clarity and definition that means your music can be heard across your terrace or garden, without deafening or bothering others nearby.

The best amplifiers for outdoor sound systems

Amplifiers help boost your sound and diffuse it across your outdoor space. Choose a zoned amplifier to play different music indoors and out. Perhaps you’ll have softer tunes indoors to allow easy conversation, and a more upbeat playlist in the beer garden where there’s more space.

You’ll need to consider amplifier placement when designing your sound system. If you need it closer to your outdoor speakers, you’ll need to invest in a waterproof amplifier, or build a dedicated housing for it.

How to choose the best microphones for your outdoor venue

If you’ve decided you want to include microphones in your sound system, the next step is choosing what kind Depending on what they’ll be used for, there are lots of different types to consider. If it’s for a rotating list of performers, having a standard, standalone mic might be the easiest option – the EES Showhire time can suggest the best input type to make sure it’s universal. For regular pub quizmasters, you might consider a wireless microphone for ease and versatility.

Black wallmount speaker pa system installed into restaurant outdoors
White bose outdoor pa speaker system

The best lighting design for outdoor bars, pub beer gardens and other venues

As well as offering the best music, you need to make sure your venue is well lit and looking its best. The EES Showhire portfolio includes everything across audio and visual set ups, so we can create a lighting system that perfectly complements your speakers, amplifiers and microphones.

There is a wide range of weatherproof lights suitable for beer gardens and bar terraces, covering multiple styles and finishes. We recommend a combination of wall mounted and freestanding lights, depending on the space you have. Use lights to designate a performance area, to illuminate tables, or simply to light up your garden space to encourage punters to stay for one more drink.

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