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Compton Organ at Kinema

The Client

Located in Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire, Kinema In The Woods is a privately owned rear projection ‘one of a kind’ cinema. Famous for its old fashioned stylings, this cinema enjoys an organ performance mid screening along with an automatic Glockenspiel and Piano.

EES Showhire was asked to modernise and replace some of the FX lighting and PA whilst adding a touch of automation to sync with film starts and endings.  Lighting fixtures already installed were ageing and costly to run and the PA was muffled and crackly which led to a less than optimal customer experience.  Theatrical style lighting spotlighted the screen drapes, unique Compton organ and the instruments. We were also asked to install colour changing LED tape along guest walkways which highlighted routes to the foyer during intermission and at the end of the film.

Kinema Screen One Wide Shot

Design Specification

Our brief was to design an automated lighting system which synchronised with films so the curtains were lit and there was some effects playing when the Compton raised out the ground.  Also all the house lights and FX lights would dim at the touch of a button when the film started.  All lighting fixtures either had to be hidden to the best of our ability within constraints of the building, or in keeping with the traditional Kinema décor and stylings.

Our engineers had to first understand how the current automation took place and then seamlessly integrate parts of the original system alongside the modern and digital iLight systems.

We designed a system which integrated modern LED lighting fixtures, dimmers, relay & motor actuators and DMX lighting protocols all through a touch screen located at the usher’s control station and on the organ for the keyboards players usage.  We did this using iLight equipment systems and programming.

Kinema LED Tape


Using programmable systems in this way, we can automate extremely complex situations and tasks and control them with a push of a button.

We can turn lights off in a timed sequence enabling the last person out of the building to have lights right until they reach the door. We can also set scenes so that a building can be turned from one colour scheme to another. This can even be automated depending on the time of day for daytime wine bar/evening restaurant mode.

We can do the same with audio so that rooms can be divided off allowing multiple playbacks into different zones. All of which can be set up using just a touchpad. Volumes and audio input sources can be changed and routed from one, or numerous touchpads located around a building.

Kinema In The Woods wanted a relatively simple setup for their PA system.  But quality was not to be compromised.  A Bose Control Space system and Freespace speakers were used with a Cloud amplifier to reinforce an announcer at the front of the cinema for special occasions.


Moving forward, the Kinema now has the ability to add and adapt scenes to it’s lighting in the auditorium, for example, seasonal colour schemes for Halloween and Valentines.  Visitors can now hear announcements and background music clearly whilst enjoying the subtle auditorium lighting during intermissions.   Staff at the Kinema no longer have to use unreliable technology and can simply press a button to start the film and automate lighting sequences.

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