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Bars Sound PA System Installation
Garden Bar sound system installation

What makes a bar great? Without a doubt, it’s the atmosphere. You need good drinks, a convenient location, top song selection but above all, a welcoming and lively atmosphere. Create the best bar atmosphere with a state of the art, versatile and reliable sound system that’s built just for you. At EES Showhire we’ve got years of experience working in events management to curate tailor-made systems for the best sound quality.

While restaurants and pubs both have specific needs when it comes to sound and lighting, bars are their own separate entity. Different areas might include a music area, dancefloor, table area, games room and dining space. You’ll need to consider different sound and lighting zones for each area, as well as what kinds of music you’ll be playing and when.

Let our team help create the perfect system using the best brands to make your bar the top venue in town.

Why you need a bar sound system built for purpose

A good quality bar sound system will be able to handle all the different moods and atmospheres you’ll need throughout the day and week. For example, you might want ambient sounds during the day, louder music at night and a hook-up for live music and entertainment during the weekend.

You’ll want to find the perfect solution for your clientele ad events. That might differ depending on the size of your bar, its location and its type. The EES Showhire team has experience supplying, designing and installing systems across the UK.

Bar sound systems will play a huge part in the life and soul of your bar. Customers come for entertainment, nights out, parties, after work drinks and gatherings with friends, so lively music, sports commentary or relaxed radio background noise is essential. Your bar sound system should be:

  • Reliable – you need good quality equipment you can trust whenever you need it
  • Durable – able to withstand use all week, for long hours during the day
  • Versatile – for your standard playlists, TV audio and visiting DJs and entertainers
  • Good Quality – having top sound quality is essential to provide your guests with the best experience

Typical bar sound system

Most bars will need a selection of strategically places speakers throughout the building to get the best sound quality. Ceiling speakers are ideal for busy bars and public spaces, so your customers can sit and enjoy drinks without worrying about being too close to a loud or deafening speaker. Ceiling and wall mount speakers also offer better distribution of sound, offering a better experience no matter which table they’re at for the evening.

Sound systems for sports bars

Sports bars are places for group meetings, catch ups with friends and afternoons watching the big game. You’ll likely have multiple TVs dotted around the place, and potentially multiple different bar rooms and sitting areas. For bars with Sky Sports and bars with BT Sport, you might also need to have different television sets in different parts of a room playing different sound. We recommend a zoned sound system, allowing you to control different speakers and separate areas of the bar from one central remote or station. This means you’ll be able to adjust volume control for multiple speaker systems and make sure you can turn the sound up for key parts of the broadcast – like the anthems, goal replays and post-match interviews – and turn music and other TV sets down as needed.

What makes a good wine bar sound system?

Wine bars are relaxed, chilled out and atmospheric places, so you need to manage sound levels carefully. Just because you want ambient, subtle sound to accompany your wine and cocktails doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about a good quality speaker system. A surround sound set up will allow your playlists and music to be heard evenly all around your venue – from the bar to the tables.

Outdoor bar sound system design

For outdoor bars or venues with an outside terrace, choosing reliable equipment and fitting it in the right area is crucial. You might want a PA system to announce last call and other messages to guests seated outside, or a multi-zoned system to have music on the terrace and a quieter playlist inside for taking orders.

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Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation

What equipment do I need to get for a good quality bar sound system?


It might sound self-explanatory, but choosing the right speakers is essential for your sound system, and is a step lots of people get wrong. It’s not just about quality – though of course choosing a tried, tested and trusted brand is important. You also need to think about the function of your speakers in the space they’ll be installed.
For example, if you’re looking to fit a sound system into a busy bar area with lots of tables and foot traffic, you don’t want speakers that jut out from walls or take up space on the floor; they’re not only an annoyance and using up valuable space, but could be a tripping or even fire hazard. Inset wall speakers or ceiling mounted speakers are often ideal for bars for this reason, though EES Showhire we’ll work with you to create a custom plan and design.


Amplifiers are important to make your music go further, of course, but can also be vital in controlling and adjusting the performance of your entire sound system. If your bar has lots of rooms or separate spaces, speak to our team about a multi-control amplifier that will help you create a zoned sound system. That way you can adjust the volume control of multiple speaker systems from the bar, office or anywhere.


Though microphones are not necessarily an essential component for all sound systems, some bars will find them useful for a variety of functions. If you’re an open mic bar or have regular performers – from singers to comedians – having a reliable microphone that you know can be easily connected to your surround sound speakers is really important.

Lighting for bars

Ok, it’s not technically part of the sound system, but lighting design really does go hand in hand with audio. Choosing the right lighting effects can really set your bar apart and turn a common or garden venue into the most stylish, trendy and desirable venue for drinks in town. Our team has years of experience in venue lighting design, and will help create the perfect system – from equipment to installation and maintenance.

A zoned lighting system is ideal for a bar – whether it’s coloured lighting on a dancefloor and bright spotlights over a bar, or dimmable LED lights in the sitting area and wall mounted lamps on the terrace, having full control and adaptability will make your life so much easier.

Bars sound lighting system installation
Bars lighting and speaker system installtion

How much does a good sound system for a bar cost?

Much like asking how much the perfect drink costs, there’s no one size fits all answer here! What equipment you need, how many of each component and the kind of installation required will differ depending on a range of factors.

What we can guarantee EES Showhire is that you’ll get the best quality equipment at great value with us. As an official Bose specialist you know you’ll only find the best quality with our products.

Get in touch with our engineers for a free chat to discuss your needs. We’ll talk you through our supply, design and installation services and get you on your way to having the best bar sound system.

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