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Bar speaker system and lighting installed for a pub
Pub lighting system and audio visual effects installed

Atmosphere is so important for a pub. Regulars come back again and again to an establishment that’s got friendly staff, a great bar list and a welcoming ambience. Sound plays a huge part in atmosphere and pub culture, and having a reliable sound system is key to making sure your pub is offering customers the best possible experience.

You need a system design for your pub sound that takes into account the types of events you host, the layout of your venue, your budget, tech requirements and more. That’s where EES Showhire comes in – we have over 30 years of experience designing and supplying AV systems to businesses of all kinds.

What exactly is a pub sound system?

A pub sound system is all the audio products that provide background music and more throughout your pub. A typical set up might be made up of speakers, amplifiers, microphones and more. The sound system will play a huge part in creating the atmosphere and general feel of your pub. You’ll need to consider different audio inputs – like MP3 players, phones, computers and external devices – as well as where you want the sound to play and how it should be controlled.

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Why do I need to update my pub sound system?


To make sure you’re giving your customers the best sound quality, you should ensure you’ve got the best possible equipment for the job. Not only does this mean your pub sound will be great for your clientele, but you’ll also find managing it and switching between events is simpler. Cut down on time spent changing between the radio and your dinner playlist and start focussing on the important things.

Some common reasons pubs need a good quality sound system are:

  • Background music in the bar
  • TV sound – particularly important for pubs with Sky Sports and other live broadcasts
  • Hosting live music events, including regular band nights and open mic evenings
  • Pub quiz (make sure your quizmaster can be heard, and add music or movie rounds)

You might also need to consider installing a zoned sound system to offer maximum control and flexibility for your staff. For example, you could set up your speakers to be at a higher volume in the lively bar area than in the dining room. Or, perhaps you need to have a playlist on in one room, and connect to TV sound output in another. Our team can help devise the perfect zonal sound design that allows your pub to change and adapt for any event.

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Bose Freespace subwoofer. PA speaker system Installation

Key elements for your pub sound system


You might think it goes without saying that speakers are integral to any sound system, but it really is crucial to get the right speakers for your project. You need to take into consideration the type of speaker, placement, location and usage in order to get the best sound quality throughout your pub.

The team at EES Showhire can use your venue floor plan to draw up a bespoke design blueprint, and will work with you to understand the services your pub offers and how sound can enhance them. Whether you’re just after a few equipment upgrades, or whether you need a completely new design for your space, our team can help.

We’ll recommend and supply the best speakers for pubs, tailored to your needs. Ceiling speakers are a great choice for having sound played throughout your pub, and can work well in multi-zonal systems – so split sound between the bar and dining area, for example. Many pubs have multiple TV screens for broadcasting live sports, news channels or music videos – if this sounds like your venue, you should also ask our team about PA style speaker systems to offer better quality sound across your pub that offers the best value.

You might also consider wall speakers fitted closer to ear level for more amplified sound, or standalone speakers that can be moved around depending on where you need them. Wall speakers are ideal for terrace or bar areas too, providing excellent sound quality without obscuring any visual design elements.

Speaker installed on the wall in a restaurant

Power Amplifiers

Particularly for pubs which offer live entertainment, amplifiers can be make or break for a quality sound system that’s fit for purpose. There are lots of amplifiers on the market labelled as for use in commercial settings, and it can be tough to know which is the best amplifier for pubs – that’s where our team come in. At EES Showhire we’ve worked with businesses of all kinds to shape and build the best AV installations, and we’ll use our experience to suggest and install the perfect amplifier for you.

If your pub has regular DJ sets or functionality for hired and private events, consider an amplifier set up for multiple audio inputs. This way, you’ll be able to provide one amplifier to all guests and performers to easily plug in their devices for seamless event management. Some of the important audio inputs to consider include:

  • 5mm aux
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • DAB radio
  • USB
  • Mic/line
  • CD


From the quizmaster shouting out the rounds at the weekly pub quiz to local artists appearing at open mic night, there are countless uses for microphones at pubs.  Microphones can be useful for performers and staff alike, and are the perfect complement to your pub sound system.

The type of microphone that will work best for you depends on the rest of your AV set up. If you’ve got a PA speaker system or amplifiers for performance, for example, you might require a different microphone service than if you simply wish to hook it up to a standalone speaker on an ad hoc basis.

microphone pa speaker system installed in local pub for quiz

The Best Pub Lighting Ideas

As much as you want your pub to be great sounding, you also want it to be great looking. EES Showhire is a specialist AV system provider, and our team of pub lighting suppliers can draw up a plan that integrates your speakers and amplifiers with the perfect lighting design to enhance your entire venue.

When it comes to pub lighting, there are lots of options to decide on and choices to make, from the type of light fixture you want to its placement and function. We specialise in intelligent lighting systems, meaning controlling all the lights in your pub is literally as easy as flicking a switch.

Ceiling lights for pubs

Ceiling lights make great use of space, and will allow your bar area, dining room, toilets or hallways to be perfectly illuminated no matter the time of day or season. You can choose a traditional or classic chandelier fixture, pendant lights, industrial style fixtures, or modern LED bulbs, depending on your style and décor.

Wall lights for pubs

Working in tandem with ceiling lights, wall lights are great for creating atmosphere. Brighten up a dark corner of the bar or draw attention to art on display – wall lights can be used as a design feature just as much as a functional fixture.

Pub lights for bar areas

The bar is the busiest place in any pub, so you want it to be properly lit, welcoming and accessible. Make sure your menu and drinks display can be seen, and ensure the bar is safe and compliant with regulations. Our team will suggest the perfect lights to blend in with your bar and complement your design.

Outdoor pub lighting

If you have a beer garden, pub terrace or other outside area, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got weatherproof and reliable lights out there too. We can provide standalone lights or lamps for seating areas, wall mounted pub lights for patios, or any other bespoke equipment you’d like. Work with our design team to create a custom blueprint for your outdoor pub lights.

Pub band lighting

EES Showhire are the specialists in providing AV tech for everything from concerts and festivals to parties and restaurants, so we know a thing or two about the best lighting for pub bands. Whether you’ve got a dedicated stage area or want mobile lights and microphones to create an open mic space as and when, we’ve got you covered. We can provide spotlights, stage lights, wall lights and mobile lights to create the perfect band lighting.

speaker system installed in a pub for bands performing

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