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EES Showhire is ideally and centrally located to Doncaster enabling us to serve and manage most of the events in and around the South Yorkshire area. We are a household name in Doncaster when it comes to providing the best event management, event equipment hire and professional stage, PA and lighting hire services.

Whether it be a hire of a single microphone or speaker or a full blown festival setup, we would be pleased to hear from you about your event.

EES Showhire event management in Doncaster

Event Management of Keepmoat Stadium Doncaster Big Bang Fireworks

On or around the 5th November, the Keepmoat Stadium hold the Big Bang fireworks event with fun fair and amusements.  Along with and Trax FM EES Showhire produce the AV and technical side of the event.  Given the complex technical nature of this show, the three organisations are required to work harmoniously together, sharing space, equipment and technical expertise.

EES Showhire provide engineering crew, PA, microphones, digital mixing desk electrical distribution and a feed for audio from the mobile production unit.  Working to a precise schedule as laid out by the programme management at Trax FM, EES Showhire contribute to an event management team which delivers a tight schedule of advertisements, crowd entertainment, live acts and fireworks.

We are very happy to work with your events team and other suppliers to ensure your event is a complete success.

EES Showhire provides professional event services in Doncaster and South Yorkshire region
EES Showhire working with radiEES Showhire working with radio presenters from Trax FM.o presenters from Trax FM.
EES Showhire works with other suppliers (ADI.TV) to ensure your event goes without a hitch

Event Management of The Doncaster Cycle Festival

Outside the Cast in Doncaster EES Showhire worked with organisers to plan PA and staging for the Doncaster Cycle Festival.  A day of racing was scheduled with a crowd zone alongside the start/finish straight.  On the opposite side of the track to the crowd zone was a stage and restricted access areas where PA could be laid out.

We worked with the organisers to ensure the correct speaker coverage was in place so that all the crowd could hear the commentator and suitable radio microphones were in place for interviews, commentating and announcements.

We also provided power as there was limited access to electrical outlets in the vicinity of the stage.

We try to add value to any any event we are involved in.  With our knowledge and expertise, we should be able to help you plan your event and ensure you have the right solutions in place come showtime.

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Event Management for Strastone BMW Car Dealership Doncaster

When BMW launched a new edition of their prestigious new 7 Series, the Doncaster branch got in touch with EES Showhire to see what we could offer.  Having experience of lighting car showrooms and spotlighting featured cars as a focal point of the sales event, we knew what was needed to make this 7 Series really stand out.

Following a creative ideas meeting with the sales manager, we agreed on spotlights, coloured moving head lights, a low smoke machine underneath the car and few feature wash lights.  We also lit up the outside of the showroom in BMW colours for the event.

Two of our engineers set this equipment up in a short period of time and monitored the equipment whilst the event ran over one evening.  Invitational only, VIP’s gathered to experience the car in the showroom whilst the sales representatives from BMW took specifications on potential new orders from clients.

Lighting, FX and engineering crew supplied by EES Showhire to Stratstone BMW Doncaster
EES Showhire spotlight on hire to highlight the featured car
EES Showhire lit the Doncaster based car dealership showroom in BMW colours.
Moving head lights on hire from EES Showhire made a colourful feature for the sales event
EES Showhire spotlight cuts through the smoke and FX to add a wow factor
If you would like to find out more about our event management services in Doncaster, why not drop us an email or give us a call and we can help you start to plan your event.
We want to make your event the best it can possibly be.

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