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PA Speaker Hire Services

Hire Active Speakers

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Carlsbro Gamma 1.8 kW PA£75.00£150.00
Carlsbro Gamma 12 Speaker£20.00£40.00
Carlsbro Gamma 15 Bass Bin£25.00£50.00
dB Technologies Fifty Line 3.4kW PA Stack£180.00£360.00

Hire Passive Speakers

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Small 10” 250W PA Speaker£8.00£16.00
Medium 12” 300W PA Speaker£10.00£20.00
Bose 802 Mkll & controller£20.00£40.00
100 volt PA Speakers£4.00£8.00

Hire Wedge Monitors

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
1 x 10” Passive Wedge Monitors 250w£5.00£10.00

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    If you would prefer, speak to one of our Hire Experts on live chat to go through everything you will need for your event.