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Lighting Hire Services

Hire Profile Lanterns

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Strand Quartet 650w 22/40º£4.00£8.00
ETC Source 4 Jnr 575w 25/50º£7.00£12.00

Hire Fresnel / PC Spots

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Strand Quartet F 500/650 w 10/40º£3.50£7.00
Strand Quartet PC 500/650 w 10/40º£3.50£7.00
Griven PC 1000/1200 w 12/52º£4.50£9.00
Griven F 1000/1200 w£4.50£9.00

Hire Followspots

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Lancer 575w MSR (Discharge Lamp)25.00£50.00
Cantata 1200w (inc Dimmer, Colour Magazine & Stand)22.00£44.00
Chauvet DMX 300w15.00£30.00
Colour Magazine£4.00£8.00

Hire Floods & PAR Cans

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Pulsar 500w Flood£3.00£6.00
Selecon 800w Flood£3.50£7.00
Strand Coda 1000w Flood£4.00£8.00
Par 16 50w 12 volt ( Birdie)£2.00£4.00
Par 36 30w Pinspot£2.50£5.00
Par 38 120/150w Flood/Spot£2.50£5.00
Par 56 300/500w Flood/Spot£2.75£5.50
Par 64 1000w Medium Flood£4.00£8.00
Source 4 Par 575w£5.00£10.00

Hire Accessories, Moving Heads and Specials

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Iris Diaphragms£1.50£3.00
Gobo Holders (any profile)£0.50£1.00
Barndoors - any 500/650w Lantern£0.80£1.60
Barndoors - any 1000/1200w Lantern£1.10£2.20
Barndoors - any 2000/2500w Lantern£1.40£2.80
Gel Frames£0.50£1.00
Rainbow 8” Scroller inc PSU & lead£20.00£40.00
Gobo Rotator£5.00£18.00
Variable Speed Controller (for gobo rotators)£12.50£25.00
Base Plates (steel)£1.00£2.00
Robe XT 150 Moving Head 150w£13.00£26.00
Futurelight MH660 Moving Head 250w£15.00£30.00
4 Lamp Stage Blinder£7.50£15.00
DMX Colour Wash 1800w Par 64£6.00£12.00
Chauvet Colourtrack – lll£4.00£8.00
Rotating Beacon various colours£3.00£6.00

Hire Disco Lighting

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Abyss 11 EFX Light£6.00£12.00
Revo Sweep£6.00£12.00
Twister IV£6.50£13.00
Gobo Splash£6.00£12.00
3D Magic£7.50£15.00
DJ Squeeze£6.00£12.00
Twin Lamp Hedron Wash Effect Light£8.50£17.00
Mirror Ball Effect (Led)£5.00£10.00
Zero 88 3 Channel Dimmer Analogue/DMX£8.00£16.00
Showtec/ Liteputer 4 Ch Dimmer DMX£10.00£20.00
Anytronic 6 Ch Dimmer Analogue/DMX£14.00£28.00
Single Channel Dimmer 2.5Kw£8.00£16.00
Switchpack 6 x 2.5Kw DMX£12.50£25.00

Hire Disco Lights

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
12” Mirror Ball and Rotator£7.00£14.00
16” Mirror Ball and Rotator£8.50£17.00
Mirror Ball Rotator only£2.00£4.00

Hire Architectural Lighting

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
400w Metal Halide Floodlight IP65£3.00£6.00

Hire LED Lighting

Price Per DayPrice Per Week
Par 64 High Power 3w Tri Colour ( RGB) DMX£5.50£11.00
Par 56 Slim Quad Colour (RGBW) DMX£5.50£11.00
Par 38 Outdoor Flood (RGB) DMX£5.50£11.00
Other Lighting
LED String Lights Batt Op – 16m£2.50£5.00
Festoon Lights Coloured / White 5mtr£3.00£6.00
Festoon Lights Coloured / White 10mtr£5.00£10.00
Festoon Lights Coloured / White 20mtr£10.00£20.00

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