PA System Hire for Events is our Specialty


PA hire or speaker rental can be a tricky business!  But here at EES Showhire, we like to think we’ve make it easy for you to hire sound equipment.  PA systems and sound quality can be the difference between a good event and a great event.  How many times have you been to conference and not heard the guest speaker or found their voice muffled?  What about that wedding or party where the DJ could not be heard or the music was too boomy and hurt your ears?  Perhaps you went to you children’s school show and struggled to enjoy it because you could not make out what was being said during the performance.  Quite often the problems we have with PA are poor technique or user error, but sometimes it is due to the PA itself not being up to the job or incorrectly specified.

EES Showhire hire is a professional sound and lighting hire company.  A PA system hire from us is complete with everything you need to make it work.  With enough information about your event, we will ensure you are quoted the correct PA and accessories to do the intended job.

There can be a lot of confusing elements in sound equipment and PA systems, making it hard for non technical people to understand.  But, that is where we can help you!  From mixers, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and even the cabling, we will ensure you’ve got the correct solution.  Plus, if you are unsure, just ask us, we are happy to help! You can find the full PA hire catalogue on our hire page.


What do I get when I hire sound equipment or a PA system?


You will get from us as little or as much as you need.  We can rent you anything from just one cable all the way up to a full blown 40kW arena line array.  Fundamentally, when you hire a speaker system from EES Showhire, you get speakers, amplifers and input sources as a package.

We will produce you a customised quote or you can pick from one of our complete PA packages.  Our small PA package starts from just £50+VAT a day.

Speakers and PA’s come in different shapes and sizes these days which make them suitable for different roles.  Our smallest and most personal PA we offer is a single speaker, or wanderer PA, which is battery or mains powered and complete with mic and iPod/mobile phone inputs.  In this range we have more generic wanderer PA’s or if you are looking for something high end and a little special, then the Bose S1 is awesome.

If you are conscious of space, then hiring a small column array PA would be the thing for you.  These are self contained units which come with a tall and thin column speaker to spread the sound where you want it, plus a sub woofer to add some depth and power to the sound.  They are impressive to hear and we have a generic model, plus the superb Bose L1 Model II.  The Bose is unrivalled in quality for its class.

For the more traditional speaker rental package, we can hire you two speakers on poles with a mixer amp.  A mixer amp also cuts down on space as you can put all your audio inputs into it and mix them from the pane on the amplifier box itself.  The next size up from this could be to add subwoofers for more defined bass.  We can do this with either our active speaker systems, supplied with active tops and active subs.  All this means is they require power as the amplifier is built into the speakers, but you will need a mixer, which we can supply or you can plug your own into the system.

Our mixer amplifiers mentioned above are also the perfect solution for village fetes, or shows held over larger spaces.  With these you can have you mic and background music plugged in and mixed, whilst also having up to four speakers on long cable runs making the sound go further.

We also have a range of larger PA systems for bigger events or multiple speaker systems in both low and high impedance format.

PA system and radio mic hire in use for a ceremony at Hodsock Priory
A picture showing an event at Hodsock Priory where a microphone is being used by a man as part of an EES Showhire PA System hire. The event is a ceremony and the speakers are being used for speech
A PA system hire in use at Hodsock Priory for a conference. The speaker is using a radio mic through two speakers mounted on poles. Also the speaker has an EES Showhire TV screen hire in use.
Are you looking for a stage or staging equipment for your event?

So how does a PA system on hire fit together?

You will find our PA systems very easy to use.  Self contained wanderer PA’s just need turning on and a sound source selecting.  Some come with built in players such as card readers and CD players or you can plug in an mp3 player with a cable we provide.  To hear the sound simply press play and turn it up.  Microphones are very easy with these too as the wireless mics have a built in receiver which you just switch on and set the volume.

The column array speaker units are extremely simple to use.  Designed to free stand, just set the sub on the floor, click into place the column speakers, plug it in and you are good to go.  Equipped with on board mixers, you can balance your microphone with your music source.  Music can be an instrument, such as guitar or keyboard, or it can be an mp3 player.  If you have more input channels than the onboard mixer can facilitate, you can hire or use your own external mixer.

Our small PA package, with the more traditional speakers on poles, can be set in just a few minutes.  Once the speakers are placed out on their poles, simply connect the mixer amp unit to the speakers with the cables we provide.  Once you have done that you are ready to connect your music sources and turn on the power.

Delivery and Setup Options for my PA Rental

In some instances, such as a wedding for example, there is so much else happening you do not have time to think about the PA.  This is where we can help.  We provide a service where we deliver the PA to the location you need it and then we can set it up for you so it is ready to use.  If you would like to know more about this service, please do not hesitate to ask us when you get in touch.